“Todd Apfel’s “Right Where I Belong” is delivered with pure passion tapping into the best of classic country.”

Beach Sloth, Skype Magazine (Aug 22, 2017)

“Apfel's LP, Right Where I Belong is something that one doesn't expect from an Americana or Folk artist. But once you let go of the expectations this LP is exceptionable.”

Sahar, Blog Critics (Sep 05, 2017)

Todd Apfel is a multi-award winning Singer/Songwriter from Vining, Iowa. Todd’s music pedigree dates back to 1982 when Todd was the founder and front man for Rock Band that had some regional Midwest success, which included opening up for Cheap Trick in the summer of 1986.  


Todd who recently retired from 30 years of corporate life has spent the past few years creating the second version of his musical career, writing and recording  his first 2 solo albums (Right Where I Belong - released 2018, Broken Promises - released 12/20/2019).  Todd loves to write songs about cornfields, small towns and everything else that happens in the world around him.  


In the past 2 years Todd’s music has garnered numerous awards and nominations from the World Songwriting Awards Association, International Singer Songwriter Association and Independent Music Awards Association.

In the summer of 2018 Todd decided to book his own tour playing 16 shows in 14 different venues to over 24,000 fans across Iowa and Wisconsin.  Last year Todd played 19 shows to over 27,000 fans.  Now Todd is back in the studio working on album #3 and in the middle of booking his 2020 tour!