Release Date = 2/22/21

Pre-Order Date = 2/15/21

FIRST SINGLE -                      “A ROAD LESS TRAVELED”

Below is a the reviews so far for A Road Less Traveled. I’m hoping for one or two more reviews in the next couple of days


Kev Rowe (kevrowe) "Nice song, I’m adding this to my Healing Songs playlist."  


Greesha (Greeshamusik) "Great vocals and arrangements, good quality, nice atmosphere, enjoyable rhythm, clean editing"


Don’s Tunes (dons tunes). "Cool tune man! Really nice lyrics and melody.  I enjoyed the tune!"


Sinusoidal Music (VishaNaidu) "Hey! A nice and pleasant song here!  The progression and ideas in this track are good."

Riccardopietri (daydream). "I really like your vibe and the richness of your sound.  Very nice vocals, thanks for sharing with me!"

Arial (Arial). "It’s really a particular track, I like the vibes and mood"

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