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Todd Apfel Named

ON May 2nd Todd was named as a Finalist in 4 categories for the 

2024 International Singer Songwriters Association Awards

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Congratulations to Todd for receiving 4 Finalist Nominations for this year's ISSA Awards Show.  Todd is a finalist for "Song of The Year" (30 Days), "Album of The Year" (Scattered Pieces), "Songwriter of The Year and "Emerging Artist of The Year".  Winners will be announced at the Annual International Singer Songwriters Association Awards Show in Atlanta on August 24th.


The International Singer Songwriters Association honored Todd Apfel with its’ Storyteller/Songwriter Award for 2023 at their Award Show held August 5th in Atlanta, Georgia.  The association represents over 17,000 independent singer/songwriters worldwide and Todd was nominated and chosen for the award by its’ members.  The award honors Todd as their choice of being the best Storyteller/Songwriter worldwide for the past year.

Photo Credit:  Tom Martinelli

Todd Apfel Named As Finalist For
2023 Who's Hoo Country Music Awards

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30 Days

On June 2nd the Paper Mill in Tama, IA closed its doors for good.  The mill had been a mainstay employer in the community for 147 years.  Then on May 2nd they notified the employees that they were closing in 30 days.  Over 100 families in this small community had their lives immediately turn upside down.  Many of these employees had over 30 years working for the company only to be told they had to start their lives over.  I wrote this song to help raise awareness and support for the families affected.

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2019 ISSA Awards Finalist

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