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Since 2019 Todd has released 3 albums, "Broken Promises" in 2019, "Split Personality" in 2021 and "Whiskey" in 2023.

They are available on all the major online platforms and also here on this website

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Just Released - 10/23/23

Back Road

Life is like a back road, the faster you go the more you'll lose control.

Released September 19, 2023

Outta Control

This song is the anthem for everyone who has had a bad day, week, month or especially a bad year.  It's time to gather all your drinking class friends, head down to your favorite establishment and get a little "Outta Control"

Released May 23, 2023

30 Days

On June 2, 2023 a local manufacturing company decided to close their doors after being in business for over 125 years and they only gave the employees a 30 day notice!  This song is the story of that closing!

Todd's latest album released on January 23, 2023 contains upbeat Southern Rock/Country songs that you will want to listen to over and over!

Whiskey has been nominated for the 2023 ISSA Album of the Year and the single "World Gone Crazy" has been nominated for the 2023 ISSA Single of the Year.

We will be adding Todd's first 2 albums shortly - Stay Tuned

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