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Todd Apfel, a multi-talented, award winning artist from Vining, Iowa.  Over the past few years Todd has been rapidly establishing himself as a rising star in the industry.  His prowess in both songwriting and musicianship have drawn rave reviews and international awards.  


In August of 2023 Todd won the Storyteller Songwriting Award at the International Singer Songwriters Association Awards Show in Atlanta.  Todd was also a finalist in the Songwriting Category at the 2023 Who’s Hoo Country Music Awards in October.  Although Todd is not yet signed to a label, these awards and accomplishments this past year have garnered the attention of numerous Promoters and Labels around Nashville.  


Although Todd will tell you that he wants to be known for his ability to write songs that come life, all you have to do is ask anyone who has attended any of Todd’s live shows and they will tell you it’s his instrument playing mixed with his energy on stage that leaves both venues and fans wanting him to return!


Todd’s career began 4 decades ago when his band won a Battle of the Bands contest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was chosen to open for Cheap Trick during their Midwest Summer Tour in 1984.  Although Todd spent much of the next 3-1/2 decades working in the corporate world, he never gave up working on mastering his musicianship and songwriting skills, knowing that someday he would return back to the stage.  


In 2017, Todd jumped back into music with both feet.  Since then he has turned a small home into a custom recording studio where he has written and recorded a catalog of over 100 songs!  All while doing this Todd realized that the best way to sell his music is to put himself out playing live to as many people as he could.  Since then Todd has played everything from house and porch parties with audiences of 10-15 people all the way up to playing for the University of Iowa’s Homecoming Festival in 2019 to the RAGBRAI Festival opening for Foghat and 25,000 fans in 2023.  


In the Spring of 2020, Todd’s wife Jill suffered a major stroke.  Through the grace of God and modern medicine, she made a very miraculous recovery.  As part of her rehabilitation, Todd decided to teach her how to play guitar and now just 3 years later, Jill now joins Todd onstage as his rhythm guitarist.


Todd’s live shows consist of an eclectic mix of originals, country and some of the best classic rock songs from the 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s all guaranteed to keep the crowd entertained throughout the whole show.  


Todd is a member of BMI, ISSA (International Singer Songwriters Association) and the Iowa Country Music Association.  Besides his awards, Todd has also been recognized by both of Iowa’s Senators, his congressman and the Governor has also proclaimed August 3rd, 2023 as Todd Apfel day in the State of Iowa. 

Contact Info

Todd Apfel

P.O. Box 31

Vining, IA 52348

Phone (641) 691-6919


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