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30 Days

If you've been following my social media or website since late April, then you no doubt have seen posts or video for my song 30 Days! The inspiration for the song came on May 2 when the local paper mill sent notice to their employees that in 30 days they would be shutting down. The mill had been in existence for over 125 years while employing almost 100 employees. Many of these employees had been employed for over 30 years, with their ages being in the mid to late 50's. In just 30 days one hundred families in a community of just 5,000 were going to be without income, insurance and a daunting task of having to start over with many being over 55 years old. To make matters worse, the mill was the only true manufacturing facility in the area. Thus many would have to expand their search for jobs of their skill sets to areas over 35 miles away.

I wanted to help out what ever way I could and to me that was to write a song that would draw attention to what was going on. Immediately I started working on the song. In just over 2 weeks I was able to write, record, distribute and create a video ready for release worldwide on May 19.

I was truly happy with not only how the song turned out, but also the reception I received from the community.



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