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Big couple of weeks ahead!

Wow, we’re half way through October already and boy do I have some news to tell you about what’s happening the next couple of weeks!

First on the list is my next single “Back Road” will be released one week from Today (Monday October 23). I really like this song as I feel this song represents another step forward in pushing my music forward to the next level.

This Thursday (1019) “Back Road” will get it’s World Premier on Music Mafia Radio’s New Music Night starting at 7:00 pm Central Time. You can go to to listen and/or even join me in the Chat Room that night!

After I sent “Back Road” to my distributor, I started work on my next song “VooDoo Queen”. The song actually finished up quicker than I expected, so I sent a copy of it to my video producer and he said that he had a great idea for the song, but I needed to get it distributed before Halloween. So the good news for you is that on October 27th “VooDoo Queen” will be released. Yes that’s right, 2 songs in 4 days. That’s something that I don’t/won’t normally do, but the video is really Halloweenish and so for those of you who follow me on FaceBook you’ll be able to download/stream it before everyone else. My plans are to release it to radio sometime around Thanksgiving.

If the above isn’t enough, on October 28th I’ll be in Columbus, IN for The Who’s Hoo in Country Award Show as I’m a finalist in the Best Songwriter Award category. Our original plans were to leave Friday (10/27) so we could attend the pre-party that night. Then last week I was invited to Nashville on Thursday (10/26) - Right now I can’t give away all the details but MC1/Sony is involved.

It’s going to be a great last couple of weeks this month and just remember it’s all because of you who support my music!

Thank you everyone and have an awesome day!!


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