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It's early September and fall is just around the corner! As with most musicians, this summer (especially the past 2 weeks) has been very productive, although for me a lot of it has been behind the scenes! My latest single "Outta Control" has received great reviews, downloads and streams. I have a gut feeling that this song will be a big part of my live shows!

Since coming back from the ISSA Awards Show in Atlanta, I've been working hard in the studio. I've have a new song (Back Road) that is in the finishing stages of recording. If you've been following along with my latest singles, you will notice a swing into different techniques and "Back Road" definitely shows it. I debuted the song last weekend during "Night On The Farm" at the Underground Ranch. Comments I received from the crowd was very positive.

Speaking of "Night On The Farm" at the Underground Ranch, I was lucky enough to be invited to perform with Birdie Pie and Flash In The Pan! What an AWESOME night it was! The staff and family who run the venue are a breath of fresh air to our industry! Not only are they very professional, they care deeply about both the artists and customers! Underground Ranch is located just south of Chelsea, IA and I truly believe that this will be a great music venue for all!

On September 1st, I learned that I was named a finalist for Songwriter Of The Year for this years Who's Hoo Country Music Awards being held on October 28th in Columbus, Indiana! Adding this to the Award I received from the ISSA in August, I must admit that this has been an unexpectedly positive year professionally! There will be more about this as we get closer to October 28th!

As I stated earlier, I'm back in the studio working on new material for my next album. I'm also working with Nikki Benbrooks on finishing her next album. Nikki will be recording 3 of my older songs and also a new Christmas song later on this month. There will be more shared as move forward!

Finally, I'll be performing at El Catrin in Belle Plaine, IA on Saturday September 16th at 6:30 pm for a night of music and margarita's on the Patio!

I'm all caught up for now, but as fast as things are moving forward, it won't be long when I'm back with even more news!

Have a GREAT DAY Everyone!


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