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The Road to Atlanta!

Well after 2 days and 6 states we finally arrived in Atlanta for the International Singer Songwriters Association Awards show tomorrow (August 5)! Jill and I left yesterday and took a slight detour to Columbia, MO to visit a good friend and his wife. After an awesome evening of supper and camaraderie we hit the hotel for an early start this morning. All was going great and we were ahead of schedule until we hit Georgia. I truly didn't know that I-75 was an official NASCAR Track! Seriously we were about 10 miles into Georgia when the first yellow flag came out caused by an accident. That slowed us down a bit, but we're still doing good on time so we could catch the ISSA Pre-Party. About 30 miles North of Atlanta the red flag came out, this time the accident shut down all Southbound lanes of I-75. Our trusty GPS informed us of an alternative route that would save us time, unfortunately thousands of other drivers got the same message, which of course being a Friday evening they were all anxious to get home and once again another Dale Jr wannabe caused another accident, so another detour of the alternative route and 1-1/2 hours later we finally got to hotel. Luckily we had time to get everything into the hotel room and back out on the raceway to get to the Pre-Party! Miss Tamanie Dove the Founder and leader of the ISSA met us at the door with hugs (she really knows how to throw a great party!). We got there in time to catch the last 2 acts (both of them awesome) and also consume some great wings and beer! It's now almost 11:30, been a long day and tomorrow is the day of the ISSA Awards Show! I'll be taking plenty of pictures! Until then here are a couple from tonight's Pre-Party!


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